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Sierra has an infectious smile. You can't help yourself – she makes you smile in return. It hasn't always been that way. After Sierra's mother passed away, Sierra lost interest in everything, including care of her teeth. Unfortunately, poor care of her mouth led to a lot of painful problems with her teeth. The pain was intense. She couldn't smile – not at her children, not for anyone she met at work, not when out with friends. The pain finally drove her to seek treatment. Dr. Bryant, our dentist, met with Sierra, and in a calm, clear way, laid out an affordable plan of care that would get Sierra smiling again. It took many weeks, but slowly, Sierra regained her oral health, and her infectious smile returned! Sierra said the best comment came from her 14 year old son: "Mom, it's so great to see you smiling again. You're back to being yourself."

Sierra regularly works two jobs but is not offered dental insurance. Getting her mouth fixed made it possible to work and care for her family. CVHS made the care affordable. "Dr. Bryant was great; she put me at ease and explained everything so well. I was ready to stop the pain."

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